Aquamanale lion

Aquamanale lion
Mikhailovskaya square

Bronze Leo-water bearer in the park near Mikhailovskaya square became idol of the public long time ago. Legend says that leo fulfils the wish provided you ride him and touch the ears. Therefore Leos back and ears are shine.

Bronze Leo appeared in Kiev in the beginning of 70-th. At that time in the park were installed several copies of archeological monuments of Ukraine — Zbruch idol, Polovtsian stone images and a brass Leo which is enlarged copy of the water-bearer from Pereyaslav-Khmelnitskiy archeological museum. Such vessels in the shap of animal or bird are called aquaemanalis (from Latin aqua — water and manus — hand). In the middle ages they were used for lavabo in temples during ritual ceremonies or in rich houses. Long time ago people believed that water-bearer not only pour life-giving water, but controls all the life-cycle.

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