Samson fountain

Samson fountain
Kontraktovaya square

Statue of Samson rending the lion is placed inside the scenic rotunda in the southern corner of Kontraktova square.

Samson fountain monument

Once upon a time there was a small pond fed by the spring water running down by Andreevskiy descent through the wooden trench. The water from this pond was widely used by Kievans and it became a kind of the social place. In XVIII century Kiev got the whole new system of water distribution. The pond was covered and the statue of angel with the running fountain was built on the same place. The monument named «Felicial» was placed inside the rotunda with benches around it.

Few years later the fountain was rebuilt with angel’s statue changed to more scenic one with the biblical Samson rending the lion composition. This fountain whose name was shortened to «Samson» has quickly received the custom tale. The citizens had told to visitors of Kiev about the voyage of biblical Samson, son of King David down the flow of Dnieper. When the ancient hero had moored to the river coast in the vicinity of yet to be built Kiev, he saw a lion and fought them. The fight of the hero and the beast was so tense they were stoned forever and turned into this monument.

There was a tradition to decorate the fountain and to consecrate a water in the fountain’s bowl for the major Christian holidays. Kievans also hang their crucifixions on the Samson’s neck because they were trusted it will guard their town against the troubles and plague. In the late of XVIII century professor Bruglione of Kiev-Mohyla academy had built a sundial right on the roof of the rotunda.

Original monument was burned in the great fire of 1811. The rotunda with the statue of Samson was rebuilt few years later but without the sundial. In 1934 the monument was destroyed by the order of Soviet authorities of the city. The current one was erected again just after a half of century in honor of 1500-years jubilee of Kiev. This place is as popular as it was long centuries ago.

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