Rodina-mat statue

Rodina-mat statue

Rodina-mat — monumental women's sculpture dominating Dnieper hills and visible from remote locations. It's height is 102 meters, which is higher than Independence monument in USA.

Rodina-mat monument history

Rodina-mat monument plan was generated by famous soviet sculpture Evgeniy Vuchetich. According to his idea monument should be covered by gold leaf and at its foot it should be a 30m waterfall streaming to the Dnieper and surrounded by soldiers forcing the river. Sadly Vuchetich died before turning his dream into life. Afterwards monument accomplishment was directed to the group of sculptures, headed by Vasiliy Boroday. As a result the whole project was significantly re-worked.

Monument plating was melted in Zaporozje, it was manufactured from 1.5 mm thick sheets of stainless still, sized 50×50 sm. Than it was welded in Kiev Paton institute. Total seam length is about 30 km. Monument was manufactured from welded together separate block-sections, 25-30 tons each. In one hand it holds shield with the National Emblem of the USSR (weight — 13 tons), in another — 16 m long sward, weighting 9 tons.

Monument was assembled using 100-m crane, which according to official information was in turn manufactured on one of the Donbas blast furnaces but according to non-official sources was ordered from the Japanese company KATO. It was specially negotiated that assembly parts will not contain. It was not enough time to dismount the crane before the official opening ceremony. Therefore it was simply cut into pieces and dumped into the Dnieper. They may be still found there.

According to the local legend during monument construction Kiev’s Metropolitan called First Secretary of the Communist Party of Ukraine Vladimir Sherbitskiy and told him that he had a sign telling him that the sward, war symbol, can not be higher than the Lavra’s cross — symbol of piece. Otherwise it will be unleashed long and bloody war. Supposedly afterwards sward was shortened up to 16 m.

Rodina-mat was opened on May, 9 1981. Opening ceremony was attended by the General Secretary of the Communist Party Leonid Brezhnev.

Technical merit of the monument is regularly controlled. According to design calculations monument can even withstand an earthquake of 9 scores. Top sward edge contains a special device to dump wind vibrations. To move people and provide technical maintenance monument contains inside two elevators — inclined and vertical (moved by stream-rollers under the angle 75 degrees). According to prognosis it shall stand over 150 years.

Rodina-mat monument constitutes a part of the Great Patriotic war museum. The whole complex occupies a territory of 20 hectares. It also includes Great Patriotic war museum, located directly under the monument, cup «Fire of Glory», alley of cities-heroes, site of the military equipment of the Great Patriotic war and multiple sculptures, symbolizing heroic fight at front and rear.


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