Bogdan Khmelnitskiy monument

Bogdan Khmelnitskiy monument
Sofievskaya square

A monument to Bohdan Khmelnitskiy — one of the most famous Hetmans of Ukraine who leaded a freedom fighting war against polish oppression stands in Sofievskaya square. Khmelnitskiy points with his right hand to the north in the direction of Moscow.

The history of Bogdan Khmelnitskiy monument

The idea of creating a monument commemorating the joining of Ukraine to Russia arises as early as in 1868. The creation of a project was missioned to a famous architect of that time — Mikhail Mikeshin. By the conception of a creator the sculpture group should have consisted of an equestrian statue of a Hetman raising on a granite rock with a body of a Jesuit covered with a torn Polish flag upon the hoofs of his horse; beyond the horse there should have been a figure of Polish lord falling from a rock, and beneath it the body of a Hebrew-tenant who was holding in his numb hands church plate robbed by him. The granite rock must have stood on the pyramid pedestal, on the three sides of which bronze bas-reliefs were to be. And in the foreground five more figures — the singing Kobzar and his listeners — should have been.

In 1870 Tsar allowed to start gathering means for the monument. But the money was conferred reluctantly and for the purposes of economy and because of outrageous ill-posedness of a project it was decided to decline the most elements of the monument.

The Sea authorities issued gratuitously 1600 poods of old sick-cooper and in 1879 the equestrian statue was casted in St.Petersburg. There was no money for the pedestal and for many years Khmelnitskiy was standing on a brick pedestal and only in 1888 on the occasion of 900-year celebration of Rus Christening the deserving pedestal for the monument was created.

Bohdan Khmelnitskiy

Bohdan Khmelnitskiy (relatively 1595-1657) — state and military figure, in 1648 elected the Hetman of Ukraine. Under his leadership a war for liberation of Ukrainian people against Polish oppression in Ukraine started and successfully finished. On the 8th of January 1654 the non-agression and mutual assistance act about political and military union of Ukraine and Russia was publicly proclaimed in Pereyaslav.


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