Gryshko botanical garden

Gryshko botanical garden
Timiryazevkaya str., 1
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Pechersk botanical garden is one of the favorite recreational places of the capital residents and it's guests. Collection of magnolias and lilac had become not only garden but Kiev a trademark.

This is the largest botanical garden in Kiev with the territory of over 130 hectares. Territory is split into unique floristic zones: «Ukrainian Carpathians», «Plain forests», «Ukrainian steppe», «Crimea», «The Caucasus», «Middle Asia», «Altay and Western Siberia», «Far East». Those areas not only contain vegetation of the specific geographic zone, but also reliefs and some special landscapes. Garden possesses unique collection of tropical and sub-tropical plants located in green-houses with the total area over 5000 m². One of the largest collections is presented by orchids.

History of the garden

Idea of the garden initially was nucleated in 1918 when National academy of Science was born. Botanical garden was one of it’s institutions. Initially it was planed to lay out Botanical garden based on Goloseevskiy forest, but later on this idea was canceled. After capital move from Kharkov to Kiev city council approved creation of the botanical garden and allocated for this purpose territory of 117 hectares in Zverinets. Lay out started in 1935. Rugged country was favorable for the appearance of micro-climate zones for the various plants, whilst beauty Dnieper spots contributed to landscape architecture.

During Kiev occupation within Second World war majority of collections were lost. After Kiev liberation, later in 1944 lay out works continued. In 1946 collection was replenished due to 540 species brought from Germany. Garden was opened for the visitors on March 29, 1964. Since that it became a very popular recreation area of the residents of Kiev and it’s guests. There is a Saint-Trinity Monastery in the garden.

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