Kreschatiy park

Kreschatiy park
Evropeyskaya square

Kreshatiy park is located in the very center of Kiev, from it’s terraces you may see a spectacular view of Podol and Dnieper. Main entrances to the park is located on Evropeyskaya square and park stretches further on down the hills and Vladimirskiy descent.

In 1882 in the very beginning of Vladimirskiy descent in compliance with the project of architect Nikolaev was constructed Merchant Chamber (today this building belongs to State Philarmony of Ukraine). It was used for banquets and masquerades, all Kiev beau mond visited them. Due to unique acoustic building was frequently used for the performances of camera orchestras. Next to the building it was laid out park with the summer club and theater. This was the origin of Kreshatiy park, which was called at that time a park of Merchant Chamber. In 1895 in the park was constructed open concert stage. Near the mussel-stage was laid out a flowerbed and established statue of Apollo with lyre. Stage was used mostly for symphony and camera orchestras. It was visited by such outstanding artists as Shalyapin, Skryabin, Sobinov. Within the short time park of Merchant Chamber became one of the favorite leisure places of the citizens. Admission fee was 40–50 copecks for the adults and 20–30 for the kids.

After the revolution of 1917 and Soviet power establishment, Merchant Chamber was damped. Park was renamed to Proletarskiy, and building was given to Philarmony which still resides there. In the park appeared a monument of a Red army soldier, little bit later Stalin. In 1982 park experienced significant changes: old stage was demolished and instead of it was erected new majestic monument «Joining of Russia and Ukraine» devoted to the 60-th anniversary of the Soviet Union. It has a form of a huge steel ark, underneath of it there are two bronze workers — Russian and Ukrainian, holding of Jrder the People Friendship. Next to it is a monument from red granite in memory of historical Pereyaslav Council.

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