Mariyinsky park

Mariyinsky park
Grushevskiy str., 5

Park with the area of 10,7 has a landscape design. Shadow, hospital park with old chess-nuts, maples and lime-trees is a unique memory of the landscape design art of the past.

History of Mariyinsky park

Until 1870 in front of the palace there was a drill-ground for the military training. Garden with the observation spot was laid out in compliance with the order of Maria Alexsandrovna, the wife of Nikolai II. In 1874 under her sponsorship was completed regular park in English landscape style with an area of 8,9 hectares. Later on park changed it's appearance — there were planted shrubs, decorated trees. Many of them preserved till today. During these times park was called — Zarskiy, it got his name Mariinskiy after the founder-empress later. History of the park name is associated with one more person from the tsar family, empress Maria Fedorovna, wife of Alexander III. Maria Fedorovna spent in Kiev 2 years organizing hospitals, sanitary trains and sanatoriums for the injured during First World war. Her empire residence — Mariinskiy palace was visited by her multiple children, grand-children and daughter-in-law. She loved to walk in the garden during all the seasons but she was forced to leave it after revolution strated.

At the end of ХІХ century in the park was mounted cast iron fountain, one of the series installed over all Kiev casted on Kiev Termen casting plant and remaining intact till today. Along the alleys were installed marble busts and sculptures with explanatory engravings.

During the Civil was Mariyinsky park was used as a honorable burial place. In 1918 there appeared common grave of the participants of the January rebel of 1918. Some time later, in 1944 at the former chapel location was buried Soviet army genera Nikolay Vatutin, who deliberated Kiev from German troops. Over his grave was established a granite monument, which is still there today.

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