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Askold grave is a part of a beautiful park on the right-bank side of the Dnieper, it is located between Dnieper descent and Mariininskiy park. This is one of the most famous historical places of Kiev.

This beauty spot covered with mysterious legends always attracted capital citizens and guests. Taras Shevchenko recreated Askold graves in one of his water-colors, famous writer Zagoscin wrote a novel «Askold grave», which was used as libretto of the opera with the same name.

History of the park «Askold grave»

Askold grave appeared on the former Hungarian track spot. Long time ago this area was associated with the legend about assassination of Askold and Deer. There was a knight palace where fraudulently penetrated Varangian Viking Oleg, who came to Kiev with his army by boat. Posing himself as a merchant, he invited Askold and Deer on trade meeting to the Dnieper, where attacked and killed them. According to the legend Askold was buried exactly here. As legend says, fifty years later princess Olga built there wooden St. Nicolay chapel (Nicolay is the Christian name of Askold taken in 867).

In the end of XVIII century at Askold grave appeared necropolis, initially monastry, later on public. About 2000 people were buried at this cemetery, among them a lot of famous and rich Kiev citizens — philosophers, writers, actors, engineers and composers. In particular, author of the «dead loop» Russian aviator Nesterov, professor of medicine Mering, entrepreneur M. Solovtsov. There were also group burials. In 1918 there were buried Red army soldiers fighting for Kiev, some time later young patriots perished near Kruty, defending Kiev from Bolsheviks and Petlura Cossacks.

Cemetery existed at Askold grave till the beginning of XX century. In 1934 under the order of soviet power necropolis was eradicated and instead of it was laid out a park. Metal fencing was used as a scrap metal, gravestones and burial vaults were utilized. Some part of stone was given to the students of the Art Institute for the creation of busts of revolution leaders, other was used as a building-stones for houses, park and borders decoration on the central streets. Only single burials were moved to other cemeteries. During Kiev occupation by German troops Askold grave was used as a cemetery of German officers and soldiers. After the war it was liquidated. In 1943 there were buried Soviet warriors-liberators. Some time later their remains were moved to Eternal Glory park.

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