Trypillian culture museum «Ancient Aratta — Ukraine»

Trypillian culture museum «Ancient Aratta — Ukraine»
Kiev region, village Trypillia, Rybolovetska str., 1
+38(044) 520 96 25, +38(067) 771 90 10
20 грн
working hours
10:00-18:00, day-off— Monday

Private museum of Tripolie culture «Ancient Aratta-Ukraine» is located on the Dnieper bank in Trpolie village. Just there more than 100 years ago Kiev researcher of local history and archeologist Vicenty Khvoika uncovered the most ancient in the world Aratty state (today more famous under the name Tripolie archeological culture), which emerged one and a half years earlier than Egyptian one and existed more than 3500 years, spreading from Black sea to the Danube on the modern territories of Ukraine, Moldova and Romania.

Museum possesses a collection of more than 2 thousand unique exhibits: routine and ritual ceramics with original ornament (in particular famous binocular vessels), work tools (stone fighting hammers, copper spearheads, bone needles). You may watch there a short movie about Tripolie civilization showing reconstructed 3D model of Tripolie settlement. In the yard of the museum you may also see the reconstruction of wooden two-floored huts and augmented copies of the women figurines, sculptured by Tripolians.

How to get there

From the metro «Vydubich» by route-taxi «Kiev-Stajki», «Kiev-Rjishev», «Kiev-Bukrin», «Кiev-Кanev» (via Rjishev) till the station «School-internat» in Tripolie.


  • Nataliya Grytsiv 2015.10.05

    Hi... I am fascinated by latest discoveries hinting to discussions about Aratta Ukraine ... 20000 old civilisation? You may Google " Aratta Ukraine " and tgere are many sites. Best regards.

  • Vera Staruch 2013.09.09

    Absolutely beautiful - I am interested in Trypillian culture in artifacts and designs. Can you recommend books or websites on internet sites. Szczyro diakuju - Bipa Ctapyx

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