Andreevskiy spusk

Andreevskiy spusk

Andreevskiy spusk is one of the most beautiful streets of Kiev. From the ancient times it was the way that connected Old Kiev (Upper city) with Podol (Lower city).

Andreevskiy spusk history

By the legend Andreevskiy spusk took its name after St. Andrew Pervozvanniy. The story tells that in former times there was the sea were now Dnieper flows, but when St. Andrew came and placed a cross on the top of the hill the water had hidden. Nowadays Andreevskaya church is standing on this place.

In the times of Kievan Rus Andreevskiy spusk was the shortest way from Upper city where were situated Golden Gates and St. Sofia Cathedral to Lower city — Podol, where was city port and craft and trade wards.

In 1711 by the order of Kiev governor-general the passage between Zamkovaya and Andreevskaya hills had been widen, thus it became suitable not only for pedestrians and horsemen, but also for carriages and wagons.

Contemporary buildings of Andreevskiy spusk were mostly constructed in the end of XIX and beginning of ХХ centuries. Here lived and worked many famous scientists, writers, composers, artists and sculptors.

Nowadays Andreevskiy spusk is called Kiev Monmartr — there are a lot of picture-galleries along the street and painters, musicians, artists are coming here almost every day. Here you can buy Ukrainian souvenirs — embroidered clothes, painted plates and dishes. Every year during the Days of the City on Andreevskiy spusk the festival of national crafts is held.


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