Podol which lies along Dnieper bank is one of the oldest Kiev regions. Several centuries ago it was a district of trade and craftsmen. Ships loaded with goods, pilgrims and travelers came to main city port which was situated here. Nowadays Podol became one of the most prestige Kiev districts.

Podol history

By the times of Kievan Rus Podol was trade district of Kiev — handy-craftsman wards, main city port, harbor and custom house were situated there. This part of Kiev was also called Nijniy Gorod(Lower City), may be only here has remained old names of streets by the time of Kievan Rus — Schekavitskaya, Kojumyatskaya, Khorevaya, Borisoglebskaya, Degtyarnaya.

Podol starts from Pochtovaya square. In the center of it stands the reconstructed church of Christ Birth. Here is main river-boat station and Dnieper wharf Across the road is situated lower station of funicular.

From Pochtovaya square starts Sagaydachnogo street, with small 2-3 storied buildings astride, which were built in 19-20 centuries. During the days-off the street is pedestrian.

Sagaydachnogo street leads to Kontraktovaya square — the heart of Podol. The square took its name in 19 century here trade fairs were conducted and contracts were made — the prototypes of modern stock-exchange deals. The square is divided into two parts by the building of Gostiniy Dvor (shopping arcade). Across the street stands one of the oldest Kiev educational institutions — Kiev-Mohyla Academy were studied many famous people, among them was Gregory Skovoroda, Gulak Artemovskiy, Pilip Orlik and even Michail Lomonosov. Another one interesting thing on Kontraktovaya square is rotunda with the sculpture of Samson with Lion under it. 100 years before it was a fountain and legend said that everybody who drinks from it will stay in Kiev forever.

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