Raven yard

Raven yard
Reytarskaya str., 9

Three ravens — Kirill, Karlusha and Korbin live in a huge cage in the middle of the city yard more than 15 years. Habitants of the yard and their multiple guests feed ravens and take care about them.

Initial fate of each bird was tragic. Hunters found injured Korbin and Karlusha in the forest. First appeared in Kiev Korbin. According to his master, he even did not think about the cage at that time. Korbin lived on the tree tied to it by 50 m long cord. When fledgling took a wing, all pigeons around hided away. Cage was build when a year later appeared second nestling Karlusha, who felt down from the nest. The latest settled Kirill. Dying bird was brought from the zoo. After curing young ravens master had a concern that birds will not survive in wild nature and did not let them out.

Be careful, ravens might bite :)


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