Alexandr's roman-catholic cathedral

Alexandr's roman-catholic cathedral
Kostelnaya str., 17

Alexandr's roman-catholic cathedral was named after Tsar Alexandr I and is the oldest roman-catholic church of Kiev.

Alexandr’s roman-catholic cathedral hostory

By the beginning of ХХ century in Kiev lived about 46 thousands of roman-catholics and the creation of its religious center was imminent. In 1814 the roman-catholic community of Kiev took the decision to construct its own cathedral. The money for the construction collected from Polish gentry.

Solemn laying of the cathedral took place in 1817, but construction ended only in 1842. The author of the cathedral’s project became architect Viskonti. Exterior of the cathedral was designed in classical forms which was poplar at that time.

The cathedral building is square in scheme and on top is crowned with dome and two towers. Main entrance is decorated with portico. The interior of the building is quite magnificent. Its main relic is crucifixion brought from Italy and marvelously made copy of Rafael’s Madonna.

In soviet times the cathedral was closed for public worship, in the building was planetarium and the library, this led to almost full desolation of the cathedral. In 1991 the temple was returned to believers and reconstructed in 1994. Nowadays the Aleksandrovskiy Cathedral is not only the oldest but also the main roman-catholic church of Kiev.


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