St. Nicholas roman-catholic cathedral

St. Nicholas roman-catholic cathedral
Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya str., 77

St. Nicholas Cathedral is one of the most beautiful buildings of Kiev of the XX beginning of XX century deigned in formalized gothic style with high arrow-shaped spires.

St. Nicholas cathedral histoty

The solemn laying of the foundation stone of St. Nicholas cathedral took place in august of 1899, after that group of Catholics turned to Kiev’s governor-general with a petition to get the permission for the construction of cathedral «in commemoration of staying in Kiev tsar Nikolay II». By that time in Kiev already was one Roman Catholic cathedral — Alexandr’s Cathedral, but taking into account that in Kiev lived about 40 thousands of Catholics is was obviously not enough.

The cathedral had been constructed for 10 years on the donations of private persons. It was spent about 500 thousands of rubles in general.

For the project of the cathedral the competition was announced. The winner became a student Stanislav Volovskiy. Inasmuch as young engineer had lacked practical experience, the revision and building supervision was entrusted to famous Kiev architect — Vladislav Gorodetskiy. The construction works dragged out because of poor ground condition, that’s why, for the first time in Kiev, the soil was strengthen by mighty cast-in-place concrete piles.

St. Nicholas roman-catholic cathedral door of the cathedral Raised cathedral became real architectural masterpiece and was consecrate on the 6 December 1909.

During the USSR times, when religion considered to be detrimental and unfavorable, cathedral was closed for public worship, in the beginning of World War II in the building was placed state regional archives.

Only in 1980 in the year of Olympic Games the cathedral was restored and opened like a organ and chamber music hall. The organ was constructed specially for this hall. When creating an instrument masters tried as much as possible to approach its look to the architectural style of the cathedral, this joined the unique architecture and unique instrument. Organ has 55 spots, 3945 organ-pipes of various diameter(from 13 mm to 6 meters) made from metal and precious wood sorts(black and red).


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