Weeping widow house

Weeping widow house
Luteranskaya str., 23

The characteristic property of this two-storey building is a sad female face sculptured on the facade. When it is raining the drops of water are flowing on the chicks of a stone beauty and it seems like she is crying. The name of the building descends from this stone bas-relief. But who is the person portrayed and why she is crying is still a mystery for the city historians.

This mansion was constructed in 1907 upon an order of the merchant from Poltava by the architect Bratdtmanov in a modern style.

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  • HuynKuy 2015.09.03

    I suspect the seeds of the utmitale fate of Rory, Amy and River go back to River's parting words to the Doctor, "Don't you dare!" With the guilt of getting everyone killed because they knew him the Doctor will once again declare "Time is not the boss of me!" and undo them ever knowing him. I'll lay odds that we see young Amy and Rory back in the 1990s too. I can't believe that Moffat will send the Ponds out utmitalely on wet, weepy note, no matter what he merrily hints at...

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