Maryinskiy palace

Maryinskiy palace
Grushevskogo str., 5а

Mariinskiy palace in Kiev is a President’s of Ukraine mansion-house, it is also called President Palace — here solemn state events, rewarding, receptions and meeting of official delegations are held.

Maryinskiy Palace history

Empress Elizaveta Petrovna (daughter of Petr I) once visiting Kiev was fascinated by city’s beauty and ordered to built a special palace for the royal family, she has personally chose the place for future building in Pechersk district. Mariinskiy palace was constructed in 1750-1755 by the project of main royal court architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli, who had constructed Winter Palace (Zimniy Dvorets) in Saint Petersburg. In various years in Mariinskiy palace stayed members of tsar family and higher aristocracy representatives during their visits to Kiev.

During its long history the palace was repeatedly reconstructed. In 1870 the fire occurred and the wooden second floor of the palace was destroyed, after that new stone floor was overbuild. In 1874 in the palace stayed Maria Alexandrovna — the wife of Tsar Alexandr Osvoboditel. She proposed to make a park on the opposite to palace. Right in her honor the Mariinskiy residence was named.

After the revolution of 1917 communist party came to power. Different organization had been placed in palace building: revolution committee and deputy Council, than military head quarter staff, than agricultural and Shevchenko’s museum. In the time of World War II the air bomb got into palace building, so the central part was destroyed. After the war the palace was reconstructed anew.

When Ukraine became the independent state Mariinskiy Palace became the official President’s of Ukraine mansion-house.

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