Richard castle

Richard castle
Andreevskiy spusk, 15

One of the most known buildings of Andreevskiy spusk and all Kiev — Richard's Castle. This house designed in English Neo-Gothic style looks like medieval castle and has truly mysterious story.

Richard House history

This house was constructed in 1902-1904 by the order of manufacturer Dmitriy Orlov, who planned to let apartment of his house for wealthy people. But in 1911 Orlov suddenly died — got the lead, and his wife sold the house by auction over backlog of debts.

New house owner leased apartments, but soon lodgers leaved house in fear — terrifying howls and moans resounded all over the building, house seemed to be filled up with ghosts. The cause of the sounds turned out to be ventilation and furnace heating systems.

After some time the house was settled on by Kiev painters. On upper decks were situated the studios of Fotiy Krasitskiy, Ivan Makushenko, Gregory Dyachenko and other famous painters and sculptors. Since then right up till October revolution in 1917 the building had changed its owners. With the establishment of Soviet power the building was nationalized and its comfortable apartments were transformed into vast populated communal flats.

After Soviet Union collapse in 90th appear some foreign investors wanted to make a hotel in a buildings but collaboration didn’t formed — house is standing inhabited and deserted right up to present day.


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