Golden Gate

Golden Gate
Vladimirskaya str., 40а

Golden Gate(Zolotie Vorota) is one of the few buildings of Kievan Rus which remained till our days. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Golden Gate history

Kiev of the time of Kievan Rus was surrounded by high ground walls and deep ditches. Golden Gate was the part of this defense installation and served as a main town’s gate — it was wide arc with a battle post on top of it with the bright white chapel right in center. This remarkable building of old Russian architects horrified enemies in old times by its impregnability. Besides defense purposes Golden Gate also had a triumphal nature — here the foreign ambassadors and eminent guests were met, the warriors were saw off to the battles, under the arches of Gate prince’s guard came back from the campaigns.

But the time didn’t spare the monument — in 17 century Golden Gate was in half ruined condition. In the middle of 19 century the works by clearing and strengthening of ruins were held, the rests of walls were removed. But in spite of this ancient brickwork opened for winds, rain and snow kept on ruining, this made scientist to worry.

In 1970 the decision for constructing over ancient ruins a pavilion which would not only protect it from further devastation but also recreates the original appearance of the appearance of the Gate. The grand opening of the reconstruction pavilion was dated for the celebration on 1500 of Kiev in 1982.

The building of pavillion was constructed over ancient brick walls and independent of it. The main part is tower with merlones 14 m high. In the front side the tower have additional «small tower». The passage of the gate is closed by lifting wooden grate from one side and by gates from other. The gates are designed similar to the old gates remained in Novgorod and Suzdal. In exterior design were used ornamental pattern from bricks, typical to Old Russian building of that time. The parts of walls adjoining to tower were recreated.

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