Konstantin Paustovskiy

Konstantin Paustovskiy

Soviet writer, who spent much of his life in Kiev.

Konstantin Paustovskiy Biography

Paustovsky was born in 1892 in Moscow in the family of the railway worker in 1989. His father and his family moved to Kiev where he got a job in the south-western railway.

In his autobiography, "early years" Paustovsky recalls how his family lived happily on Svyatoslavsky Street (now st. Chapaeva) before moving two years later at Nikolsko-Botanicheskaya st.

In 1904, after studying with tutors, 11-year-old Paustovsky, who had been insufficiently prepared for the entrance tests, finally, was admitted to the First Kiev Gymnasium, having five on the Russian language and the law of God, and four - in arithmetic.

In 1906 Paustovsky family split, Konstantin was forced to leave Kiev for Bryansk, where brother of his mother lived. There he, as he confessed later, "recalled with regret Kiev school and thought about how to get back to Kiev".

In the autumn of 1907 Konstantin returned to his home in Kiev.High school teachers took care of him, as they could, it was even decided to exempt Paustovsky from paying for teaching. Sometimes he was involved in tutoring in exchange for a small, but "personally earned" money.

In the spring of 1911 his father died and his grandmother moved to Kiev to live with her youngest daughter in Lukyanovka. Some time Paustovsky also lived there.

In June 1912 he finished final exams at the first school.

In August 1912 Paustovsky entered the Natural Sciences Department of Physics and Mathematics Department of Saint Vladimir University in Kiev, and the next school year started on a historical-philological faculty, where Constantine was transferred by his own petition.

In July, 1912 under the influence of trip to Polesie, Paustovsky wrote and gave to the editorial of the journal "Lights" published by Kiev religious and philosophical society, story "On the water". In August, a story was published, and the author received his first royalty. In December, 1913 journal "Knight" published another story of the young writer "Four", which made a strong impression on readers.

In 1914, Paustovsky transferred to Moscow University.

In the autumn 1917 and summer of 1918 he lived with his mother and sister in the village Kopan near Chernobyl, later Paustovsky moved to Kiev, on Nestorovskaya street. The experience of 1918-1919 years, is described in the pages of brilliant autobiographical book "In the beginning of an unknown age."

In 1919, after Bolsheviks came to power, Paustovsky was able to get a job as a proofreader in the newspaper "Kiev thought", and then - in the People's Commissariat of Food. In early May, 1919 Paustovsky was drafted into the Red Army. He served in Kiev, in the guard regiment in Pechersk. Paustovsky moved to Odessa, where, together with Olesha, Kataev, Babel, Ilf and Petrov, and other writers published a famous paper 'Sailor'.

"He loved Kiev all his life" - wrote critic Leonid Hinkulov - "knew all his surroundings and is often portrayed its views at different times of the year. Paustovsky felt Kiev, its specific color, originality of his nature ... Kiev remained forever in writer's biography as the city of his youth".

Quiet and green street near Karavaevs Duchi in Kiev was named by Paustovsky.

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