National Treasures Museum

National Treasures Museum
Lavrskaya str., 21
working hours
10:00-17:00, day-off — Monday

Museum exposition displays highly artistic items made from platinum, gold, silver and decorated with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other precious stones. Exposition includes collections of Scythian gold, artistic wares of Sarmathian tribes, jewels of ancient Slavs and the time of Kievan Rus, wares of Byzantine and Iranian craftsman.

The exposition starts with the collection of gold of VI-III century B.C., which was excavated in Scythian burial mounds. It is golden woman jewels, cups and world art masterpiece — Scythian Pectoral (tsar breast jewel) with the scenes of nomad’s life.

There are also works of art by the time of Kievan Rus — jewels decorated with engraved patterns with application of gilding, encrustation and enamel testify the unprecedented prosperity of art mastery of ancient Russian jewelers.

Exposition represents the coins collection of Ancient Greece, Roma, Kievan Rus, Byzantine and also unique collection of coins issued in honor of XXII Olympic Games which were held in Soviet Union in 1980.


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